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Simple Receipt is the only simple receipt solution! – The easiest and most affordable way to organize your daily receipts and create expense reports in a matter of seconds!

No email sign-up. No recurring costs. No hassle.

With Simple Receipt, you never have to worry about holding on to and rummaging through bags of old receipts. Simply take a picture of your receipt with your iPhone or iPad, add some details and you’re done! Get ready to throw out all of your physical receipts, because Simple Receipt is here!

The IRS now allows all physical receipts to be digitalized. This means that you can now store all of your receipts in picture format on your iPhone without having to worry about carrying around a shoebox of hundreds of old, crinkled up receipts!

What can Simple Receipt do?

  • Replace your physical receipts with digital copies
  • Categorizes your receipts based on categories (like Gas, Food, Travel, etc.) or by event (e.g. – July Work Trip)
  • Receipt images are stored in customizable folders as well as an easy-to-use calendar format to visually track your daily expenses
  • Create and email an expense report simply by choosing a date range and category, and all of your receipt images and details will be automatically exported to a PDF file to email
  • Print full expense reports based on date range and category directly from your iPhone or iPad (AirPort printer must be setup for this functionality)
  • All saved receipts are automatically backed up to iCloud!

This is how Simple Receipt can help you:

You’re traveling for work. You have to get gas, eat, and pay for a hotel for several days. At the end of your stressful trip, you need to create an expense report to get reimbursed by your employer. You have to rummage through your car, suitcase and bags to find all of the receipts you need just to submit an expense report – Way too much effort. Simple Receipt to the rescue! With Simple Receipt, you can simply snap a photo of your receipt, set the category (gas, food, etc.) and date, and voila! You’re done! If you want to print your receipts or email your receipt expense report to the Accounting Department, simple choose a date range and category that you want to send and Simple Receipt does the rest automatically! A PDF with all of your receipt images and details will be condensed into a PDF and sent to the recipient of your choosing via email!

Simple Receipt – keep receipts simple!

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